Finance (Replace One Mortgage)

Discharge of Mortgage  207.00
New Mortgage  402.50
Discharge fee  80.00
Register new Mortgage  80.00
Office Service fee  60.00
Plus GST  9.00
Registration processing fee  (2 @$15.00 each)
- Title Search  30.00
Guaranteed Search  30.00
Plus GST  4.50
TOTAL  $903.00

Additional charges:
Extending Condition date on the Sale & Purchase Agreement 230.00
Arranging Land Information Memorandum 230.00
Reading and providing feedback on Land Information Memorandum 230.00
Arranging and/or attending execution on Variation of Sale & Purchase
Agreement 230.00
Delay in Settlement under Sale & Purchase Agreement due to unavailability of client funds, inclusive of liaising with Bank, Client and Vendor per altered proposed settlement date 920.00
Delay in Settlement due, through to no fault of client, including claiming penalty interest on behalf of Client on client attendance basis 575.00
Drafting Sale & Purchase Agreement 560.00

Standard Agency fees
Arranging Search of Titles
Search of Memorials, such as easements, search of PPSR
Our fee $15.00 plus Government charge by way of example (as above)