Specialising in the smooth legal transfer of property titles from one party to another

Affordable, fIxed

Making the process

Affordable, fIxed

No charge consultation for first home buyers

We invite you a 15 minute conversation or in-person meeting so you can verify if we can help, and be reassured about the steps in your process. Consult us early, so our advise gives you the greatest financial benefit.


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If you’re selling, purchasing or refinancing your property then you’ve come to the right place. We offer affordable packaged fixed price conveyancing services.



Did you realise it may be easier to borrow to build? Or perhaps you're a builder wanting to know how you need to deal with potential customers?


Trusts & Companies

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Do you need information about how Kiwisaver can help with your deposit?

Buying your first home?

We make sure you are
  • Entering an agreement on best available term.
  • Not paying too much for the property
  • Getting possession of the property with a quick turn around time
  • Insured for fire and general coverage
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Selling your property?

We offer
  • Free initial consultations
  • After hours consultations
  • Document review to advice on best possible outcome before signing the dotted line
  • Expert property lawyers with 30 years of experience
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Fixed pricing for residential conveyancing

Buying, selling and refinancing your property can be a long and stressful process. We’ve decided to take a step closer towards making the process smoother, easy to manage and affordable with our fixed pricing options.

About KHLaw

You learn a lot the first time you buy a property, and we believe that it is that experience that can set you up for wise purchasing decisions in the future. We are experienced lawyers with a sole focus on property law, we represent residential clients in a variety of property cases. The firm's philosophy is to provide a prompt and solution driven personal legal service to its clients at a competitive cost.

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